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The Rock Hill Judo Academy is a Judo club located in Rock Hill, SC, led by Sensei Ian Vosper (2nd Dan). The club is registered with the American Traditional Jujutsu Association, a USA Judo and World Olympic Class A organization.


Judo (meaning “gentle way”) is a modern martial art, combat and Olympic sport created in Japan in 1882 by Jigoro Kano. Its most prominent feature is its competitive element, where the objective is to either throw or takedown an opponent to the ground, immobilize or otherwise subdue an opponent with a pin, or force an opponent to submit with a joint lock or a choke. Strikes and thrusts by hands and feet as well as weapons defenses are a part of judo, but only in pre-arranged forms (kata) and are not allowed in judo competition or free practice (randori). A judo practitioner is called a judoka. (You can find even more helpful information on Judo here)

Judo can help you attain personal goals such as physical wellness and emotional well-being. It is a great way to exercise and avoid sedentary living. Perhaps you have other personal goals. Judo can help you attain those as well. Our desire at Rock Hill Judo Academy is to see our students reach their personal goals with the help of Judo practice.

Judo is a journey, and we hope that you join us on this lifelong and prosperous journey. Whatever your destination may be, we believe that Judo will help you arrive!

You Can’t Change Judo but Judo Can Change You!


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