10 Facts about Judo

  • It is the most Practiced Martial Art in the World By Women
  • 200 million People Practice Judo worldwide
  • It is the most Effective of All the Martial Arts
  • It is the Safest Contact Sport for Kids
  • It Builds Confidence, Respect, and Discipline
  • It will Get You Physically & Mentally in shape
  • It helps Kids With ADHD, Anger Issues, Behavioral Issues
  • It is an Amazing Martial Art for Physically or Visually Challenged
  • Judo Helps Kids who are Bullied and helps Bullies Become Kids
  • There is No Age Limit for starting Judo. Kids start at 5 years Old

Sensei Norm Cleva – Sensei Mary Krug Lozner – Sensei Ian Vosper

Our Goal: To teach Kodokan Judo to the best of our Knowledge. To teach Judo in its true form with Discipline, Respect, Honor & Humility.

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