There are many good reasons for a kid to start Judo. In addition to teaching self-defense, Judo also teaches other important life skills. Kids are taught to be respectful, disciplined, confident in their abilities, and to exercise self-control. More and more children are living sedentary lives today, and Judo provides kids with a fun and structured way to get physical exercise. Judo also promotes competition and sportsmanship.

Judo is proven for building social skills as well as self-respect, focus and discipline; and is named as one of the top sports for children by the American Physical Education Association. In addition, the American Institute for Sports Medicine states that Judo IS the safest contact sport for children under 13 years of age. Judo is also proven to develop cognitive & coordination skills, and help kids with ADHD, visual impairment, physical disabilities and bullying prevention.

The Rock Hill Judo Academy is also proud to partner with the Rock Hill PD Worthy Boys and Girls Camp in Rock Hill, SC.

10 Reasons for Kids to Practice Judo

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